Beer List


(Growlers available upon request)

Bitburger Pilsner (4.8%)
Crisp & full-bodied with a dry-finished, hoppy taste.  Germany’s number one draft beer.
.5 liter: $8.50 Full liter: $17.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $25.50

Spaten Lager (5.2%)
Golden in color, this beer is a great balance between hops and a malty sweetness.
.5 liter: $8.50 Full liter: $17.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $25.50

Weihenstephaner Lager (5.1%)
Winner of many medals.  Mild and drinkable with a light, fine, rounded hop flavor.
.5 liter: $8.50        Full liter: $17.00        1.5 liter Pitcher: $25.50

Andechs Vollbier Hell (4.8%)
A golden lager brewed w/ 100% barley. Has a mild sweetness w/ a velvety soft hop bitterness.
.5 liter: $7.50 Full liter: $15.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $22.50

Früh Kölsch (4.8%)
Fully rounded, refreshing and highly drinkable – bright and lively with well-balanced flavors of malts and floral hops.
.5 liter: $9.00 Full liter: $18.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $27.00
Kölsch Wheel: $36.00

Warsteiner Verum (4.8%)
Slightly pale German-style pilsner with a clean, crisp, refreshing and smooth taste.
.5 liter: $8.50 Full liter: $17.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $25.50

Weihenstephaner 1516 Kellerbier (5.6%)
First brewed to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Bavarian Rheinheitsgebot.  A rich amber color with a pleasant caramel note.
.5 liter: $8.50          Full liter: $17.00          1.5 liter Pitcher: $25.50

Dinkelacker Hopfenwunder (5%)
Meaning “Hop Miracle”.  It is the brewery’s dry hopped version of an unfiltered lager. 
Floral, citrus, and tropical fruit aromas  
.5 liter: $8.50          Full Liter: $17.00         1.5 liter Pitcher: $25.50

Braufactum Progusta IPA (6.8%)
Crystal clear American-style IPA. Full, fresh, and complex.
.5 liter: $9.50 Full liter: $19.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $28.50

Paulaner Hefeweizen (5.5%)
Pours a misty orange-gold with a magnificent thick head. Aromas of banana, pineapple, and yeast with a perfect touch of hops.
.5 liter: $8.50 Full liter: $17.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $25.50

Benediktiner Weissbier (5.8%)
Honey-like golden orange hefeweizen. Lemon flavor with freshness & malty sweetness.
.5 liter: $9.50 Full Liter: $19.00 1.5L Pitcher: $28.50

Friedenfelser Hefe-Weissbier (5.2%)
Light, almost crisp hefeweizen with lively carbonation, a frothy head, and flavors of banana, bread and clove.
.5 liter: $8.50 Full liter: $17.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $25.50

Warsteiner Dunkel (4.8%)
Smooth, medium-bodied dark lager with a deep chestnut brown hue,
toasted malt and mocha aromas, and a subtle hop bitterness
.5 liter: $7.50 Full liter: $15.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $22.50

Hofbrau Delicator (8%)
This dark brown brew with its chocolate & berry flavor and well hidden bitterness is a true Hofbräu Specialty.
.5 liter: $9.50          Full Liter: $19.00         1.5 liter Pitcher: $28.50

Weltenburger Asam Bock (6.9%)
This malt-emphasized bock offers a light roast aroma with a hint of coffee. 
.5 liter: $9.50          Full Liter: $19.00         1.5 liter Pitcher: $28.50

Kostritzer Schwarzbier (4.8%)
Black beer with a malty, earthy body. Roasted malt and coffee aromas.
.5 liter: $8.50 Full liter: $17.00           1.5 liter Pitcher: $25.50


Erdinger Dunkelweiss (5.3%)
A dark wheat beer created by the master brewers as a birthday present for the brewery owner. Hints of caramel, nuts, and fresh bread.
.5 liter: 7.50 Full Liter: $15.00 1.5 liter Pitcher: $22.50


Option # 1 – Lion
Spaten Lager
Früh Kölsch
Paulaner Hefeweizen
Weltenburger Asam Bock

Option # 2 – Lioness
Bitburger Pilsner
Braufactum Progusta IPA
1516 Kellerbier
Köstritzer Schwarzbier

Option #3
Your choice of any 4 beers


Bitburger Pilsner (4.8%)
Full-bodied and light. Germany’s #1 draft beer.
12 oz bottle: $6.50

Budweiser (5%)
American-style lager introduced in 1876.
12 oz bottle: $6.00

Spaten Lager (5.2%)
Crystal clear, pale golden classic.
12 oz bottle: $7.50

Erdinger Hefeweizen (5.3%)
Brewed using fine yeast and bottle-fermented in the traditional way.
.5 liter bottle: $10.50

Erdinger Kristallklar Weissbier (5.3%)
A filtered version of a Hefeweizen, showcasing a bright & clear body from pale straw to light amber.
.5 liter bottle: $10.50

Franziskaner Hefeweizen (5%)
Fruity, spicy weissbier with a creamy, textured mouthfeel. Delicious.
.5 liter bottle: $9.75

Weihenstephaner Weizenbock (7.7%)
Extra long and cold storage in monastery cellars makes this single-bock a truly special beer. Prost!
.5 liter bottle: $11.50

Flensburger Dunkel (4.8%)Full of dark malts to create a rich dark color. Served in a swing top bottle.
11.2oz. bottle: $7.50

Flensburger Pilsner (4.8%)
This brewery’s staple beer that tastes bitter with a mix of hops & wheat.
11.2oz. bottle : $7.50

Früh Kölsch (4.8%)
Refreshing and substantial flavor. Pours a light, golden straw hue; malty with slightly citrusy notes.
.5 liter bottle: $10.00

Schneider Aventinus (8.2%)
Complex and flavorful. Bavaria’s oldest wheat doppelbock, brewed since 1907.
.5L bottle: $12.50

ABK Schwarz Bier (4.9%)
A dark, soothing, full-bodied beer.  Warm hints of dark chocolate and liquorice with a bitter finish.
.5 liter bottle: $8.00

Stiegl Grapefruit Radler
A combination of Steigl Goldbrau Lager and grapefruit juice.
.5L can: $6.50

Stiegl Himbeere
The perfect summer combination of Stiegl Goldbrau Lager and fruity Raspberry Soda
.5L can: $6.50

Rothaus Pils (5.1%)
A fantastic pils – effervescent, crisp, clear and delicious.
12.2 oz bottle: $9.50

Weltenburger Barock Hell (5.6%)
A particularly palatable and full-bodied pale lager.
.5 liter bottle: $10.00

Fritz Briem 1809 Berliner Weisse (5.0%)
Intense blend of lactic tartness & complex
fruitiness.  Champagne like sour beer.
.5L bottle: $14.00

Augustiner Edelstoff (5.7%)
Pours a bright gold, with flavors of grass, malts, and crisp fruits
330 ml bottle: $9.75

Augustiner Maximator (7.5%)
Strong, dark, and delicious, originally brewed to sustain abbey monks during Lent.
330 ml bottle: $10.25

Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei
Lively, bubbly, non-alcoholic version of a classic.
12 oz bottle: $6.50


Possmann Pure Cider (5%)
Gluten-free cider with a dry finish and a perfect balance of rich apple flavor.
12 oz. bottle: $8.50

Possmann Pure Cider Rose (5%)
Gluten-free cider with a rich apple flavor mixed with black currant. Not too sweet.
12 oz. bottle: $8.50

Bembel Apfelwein Gold (5.5%)
Dry cider refined with quince.
.5L can: $9.50

6 Pack of Bottled Beer
Buy any 6 bottles to mix and match
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